True Gamer(s)

Okay, I love games and I love nintendo as well as the other gaming conpanies. One thing that I notice with alot of so called gamers is that they criticize other games that aren’t really all that good or just because they’re on a different platform. For example I love nintendo (like I stated before) But alot of Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 owners say that nintendo and their products will never be where the 360 or ps3 could be. They claim that 360 or ps3 consoles automatically makes you a hardcore gamer and that true gamers have ps3’s and 360’s. Because they have good games and lots of action that nintendo wouldn’t have. There’s where I see a problem, I don’t know what everyone’s definition of a true gamer and a hardcore gamer is (And everyone is intitled to their own opinion) but A hardcore gamer is someone(well atleast in my mind) that plays the game to not only earn achievements, but someone who love that game and wants to get better. Whether it be a shooter, fighter, or racer. they play to enjoy the style and function of the game they’re playing. “Some gamers” call themselves true and hardcore gamers because they have every trophy or every achievement for the games they play. But you can’t tell me that putting in hours of trying to be classics like legend of zelda ocarina of time and the others isn’t hardcore or trying to get to world 9 in super mario bros isn’t hardcore. it is, but these so called gamers say that “nintendo is for like girls and kids at the age of five. These so called gamers also say that if you have a nintendo wii you’re a noob gamer, The thing with that is even if you have a wii there are plenty of hardcore games on the wii that don’t even get recognition and these games be 8.5’s and almost 10 out of 10’s. Super smash bros. one of the greatest fighter (to me) is packed with all kinds of skills and hardcore-ness, Mario kart wii, this game may look cartoony but you play online(wi-fi) with this game it with be the most fun you’ve ever had with a racer. And most racers on the hd consoles have racers that aren’t even fun, they just look really good, But that’s it. One thing that I also notice with the so called true and hardcore gamers is that they not only criticize wii and wii games but they down talk it like nintendo has always been a kiddy platform. No, they’ve been an excellent in giving their fans what they want, Because unlike some conpanies nintendo and their representatives care about the fans. (Now I know that I’m just siding with nintendo and the wii but they need people on their side too just as well as microsoft and 360 and sony and the ps3). We are all gamers, if you play games but a true gamer in my opinion respects every games, every console whether it be kiddy or not. We never know what could happen to the games and systems we grown to love, but people go beyond giving critcism they talk so harshly and when they talk about the like that it gives off the sense of not respecting the games that nintendo and others before them that work with nintendo. But what this post is about is that if you are a gamer and you love to play games, just have respect for the games that come out. The game industry is a very creative, deep, and passionate place. keep Gaming and have fun.

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