Case Study #1: Evolution of the Mechanic

The Game fanchise I chosen was Mario. The three game mechanics I chose was Super mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. In super mario 64 the A button was to jump, if pressed three times he’ll triple jump. The B was used to fight two punches and a kick. the Z button was used to crouch and if A was pressed while holding Z mario would back-filp. In super mario sunshine the controls were the same as super mario 64 except the B button now let mario do a body slam, instead of pressing the C buttons for the camera the gamecube controller had a C-stick which allowed you to now turn the camera. And the new addition to Fludd which used the R button to use it and the X button to switch nozzles. In super mario galaxy uses a newly introduced Wii controller and Nun-chuk, On the wii remote Instead of pressing B to attack, you now had to shake the wii remote to attack enemies. The B button now shot out Stars that mario coolected along side coins. On the Nun-chuk when you got a special ability, you can shake it to do a move with that ability. For Example when mario gain the fire flower, shaking the wii remote would allow him to throw with his right hand and the nun-chuk with his left. The Z button still couches but when held down and shaken with the nun-chuk it allows mario to do special moves such as ice-skate, grab and throw objects and climb vines and other areas. In all three games the Joy stick is used to move mario.

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