Case Study #2: Developers, Developers, Developers.


Name of URL:

Name of Company: Curve Studios

Name of Game: Fluidity/Hydroventure (known as in Europe)

Premise: You play as a pool of water that has to help save a magical illustrated encyclopedia known as “Aquaticus”. Using other forms like ice and steam, Help aquaticus from the evil vail of ink known as the “Influence”.

Game Genre: Puzzle, Hydro Action

Platform the game is or will be on: Wiiware


Movement: Tilt the wiimote left and/or right to move and lift the wiimote up jump.

Combat: water form, hold the 1 button to cause an explosion of water drops to take out enemies.

Environment: There are machine parts laying around for you, the pool of water to stream along with you to put them back together.


Name of URL:

Name of Company: Ska Studios

Name of Game: The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

Premise: A dishwasher fights through a wave of enemies getting stronger by the minute. Until he fights the boss at the end of the level(s).

Game Genre: Side-Scroller, Beat’em up, co-op

Platform the game is or will be on: XBLA


Movement: Running, Jumping, and Attacking

Combat: Starting weapon meat cleaver, Cleavers, a Katana, a Uzi/shotgun combo and a chainsaw.  Fighting is done through using either a basic attack, a strong attack, or a grab move.

Environment: Combo’s are so intense and put together, they blend well with the environment (background).

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