Name of Game: Assassins Creed Brotherhood

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Genre: Third person action, Sandbox

Primary Goals:

Feedback: The enemies that you have to avoid, and the amount of heatlh that you have that is on the top left side.

Progress: When your heatlh is low you have to either restore it but if you don’t have any more vails of heatlh you have to play more defensely to stay alive.

Instructions: The instructions in assassins creed is given at the top left of the srceen right below your heatlh.

Control: When you’re doing combination attacks sometimes you’ll be ask to perform a certain action like to kill an enemy by pressing X.

Street fighter IV Arcade Edition

Publisher: Capcom

Developer: Dimps/Capcom

Genre: Fighting

Secondary Goals:

Immersion:  people play this and get so in tune with it. And are dedicated to learning the moves, combos and techniques to the game.

Atmosphere: Atmosphere for Sf4 would be competitive. Each player wants to win the match in the quickest, and best way possible.

Audio: Playing street fighter without sound or imaging the sound effects off wouldn’t sound as exciting to the player(s) as it would if you had the sound on listening to a Hadoken being shot.

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