Case Study #3: Systems……and their Dynamics!


Game: Super Smash Bros. (64)

Developers: HAL Laboratory

Publishers: Nintendo

Game Type: Fighting

Game System: Movement, Combat

The combat system consist of punching, kicking and grabbing. Combat is used as a one button type fighting system. Meaning that you make combos up as you go, like doing four powerful kicks into one devastating blow. To me there are two system elements in this game and they are objects and inventory. (though the inventory is temporarily in this game). Objects like the super mushroom make you huge or the smoke screen makes you and/or the opponent blind. Inventory like the franklin badge which reflects projectiles and the star-man to become invisible to anything for a short amount of time. All the player(s) need to do is get their opponent(s) perecent to a high, then finish them off with an powerful attack.

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