Case Study#3: Off with their HUD’s!

Active – Turning the wiimote veritical will let you see the game/environment in first-person then by turning it (back) to horizontal you can see the game in a side – scrolling view.

Passive – Samus’s health and the number of her missles would be passive because they are used but not controlled.

Static – When samus shoots missles they go into the direction you’re going in or that you point in.

Dynamic – Samus has super missles that can be charged and shot at many enemies. She also has lethel finishing moves when taking on certain enemies, mini bosses and Big bosses.


Diegetic: Like when samus charges her missles, and when she walks you hear grass or foot steps on metal. When a mini boss or big boss is coming.

Non-Diegetic: HUD, Missles, Health

Spatial: When she gets in her morph ball and has to look around for the morph ball tunnel/highlight.

Meta: Only in First person, when taking damage the screen starts to turn/flashing red.

In the mock ups all I did was put a map at the bottom of the side scroller view like a wrapper, to go in and out. I also in the first person view I made it where when you take damage, Samus’s suit starts to flicker with electricity to indicate that she is getting severe damage.

Game: Metroid: Other M

Developers: Nintendo, Team Ninja, D-Rocket

Publisher: Nintendo

Genre: Acton-Adventure

Platform: Wii

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