Case Study #4: Got Drama?


Game Title: Muramasa: The Demon Blade

Developer: Vanillaware

Publisher(s): Marvelous Entertainment(jp), Ignition Entertainment(na), Rising Star Games(eu)


Genre:Action role-playing game

Dramatic Elements:

Premise: You play as two characters Kisuke, a young ninja who lost his memory and Momohime, a young princess. Kisuke is a fugitive being chased for a crime he no longer remembers and trying to find a certain katana. Momohime is possessed by the soul of foul swordsman, so she is forced to flee her castle and accept the swordsman’s offer to complete his plan.

Setting: A conflict over immensely powerful swords, the demon blades, occurs. The swords are cursed and are said to bring tragedy, madness and untimely deaths. As the chaos from the conflict spreads creatures from the netherworld are summoned by these blades, along with dragon and demon Gods.

Protagonist/Antagonist: protagonist are Kisuke, Momohime, Yuzuruha and toramhime. Antagonist are Jinkuro Izuna, Kongiku, Rankai and Kuzuryu.

In this game the characters backgrounds like kisuke and momohime show how th gameplay is by showing that they are both ninjas fight for a specific reason and how the demon blades revolves around them. The environments of their world show how it drives the gameplay by show how kisuke travels and while he’s traveling on his quest, henchmen or whoever comes to take him away.

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