Case Study #5: Modes and Systems



Game Title: Crysis 2

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer(s): Crytek Frankfurt, crytek UK

Genre: First person shooter (Fps)

Platform: Pc, Ps3, 360

Game Modes: Opening, Action, Cinematic and management

Opening: New Game, load game, options and Multiplayer

Action: The story and the mutiplayer (online). Story you can find out who or what the super soldier is and in multiplayer this is where you play against friends and anyone. and you can level up your rank.

Cinematic: The begining story and cut scene throughout the story.

Management: When you go to change or alter something for your character he goes to look at his hand to change a weapon or an attachment.

Game Systems:

Movement: Because of different cloaking devices, invisiblity, steath mode, armor mode and etc. Movement is used differently then most fps.

Inventory: When playing (like all fps) you can pick up weapons as you play with or against friends and Npc’s.

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