Case Study 7: Let the Menu’s do the talking!

Playstation 3: The interface of the ps3 is exactly like the interface of the psp. To me the menu seem a little dull at times unless you add a wall paper but in all their choices are alined really good and kinds of remines you of the ps2 (alittle) and that you’re playing a bigger verison of the psp.

Nintendo Wii: This interface is pretty good because of the fact that the controller resembles a t.v remote the blocks of content acts like channels when you filp through them. This menu also has a kid feel/look to alot of people, because of it only color and cartoony Mii’s (avatars) people don’t seem to be attracted to this menu as the others.

Xbox 360: This interface seems as if it appeals to everyone, (well anyone who likes 360). Over the years the 360 has had a good three or four new interface change and a new one on the way, this menu screen look/feels good to players of all ages.

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