Super Smash Brothers Vs. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (opinions may vary)

hello readers, I’m Steve. I’m an up-coming game designer/ concept artist.  I’m a Die-hard Smash brothers fan. I still have my Nintendo 64 with original smash, Smash Bros. Melee, Brawl and the original on the virtual console (Wii). Enough about me let’s get to the game(s). Now back in the first part of the year playstation announced a smash bros style fighter called “Titled Fight”.  But before I continue. this isn’t a rant, but more of a comparison of the two games and to show to not only “sony fanboys” but “nintendo fanboys” too that maybe this game will be good and that whether you know it or not playstation has some elements of smash bros. Anyways a little later they renamed it Playstation all-stars battle royale. pretty long name huh. Now this started a new found war between Nintendo gamers and Playstation gamers. a lot of nintendo gamers started saying that it was a “rip off, clone and etc” and playstation gamers responded with the traditional “oh fanboys are stupid, they’re idiotic, swearing” and such.. you know the usual. So me being a fan of Nintendo (not a fanboy) I saw a lot of similaries to smash bros. Now I recently had a chance to go to the Electronic Entertainment Expo as known as E3. I played the demo before anyone else (meaning my friends and others I knew).

The demo consisted of eight playable characters. Kratos, Parappa the rapper, commander Radec, Fat Princess, Nathan Drake, Big Daddy, Sly Cooper and Sweet Tooth(in the E3 demo, not the public beta). Just from playing it, it seems much like smash bros. Now I notice that “Superbot” the developers that are developing the game has some differences. Instead of the one-button attack system Smash brothers has, Playstation allstars uses three button attacks, kind of like street fighter in a way; except without the half and full circle motions. It isn’t difficult to play but not easy nether. SuperBot definitely made you switch your play style, if you expected to walk in trying to play like smash bros… then you’re half wrong. The game is really cool. I said to a lot of my buddies and my intstructors that this would be good, but not on the calibur of smash brothers. Now to the point of the blog. Sony gamers insist on believing that playstation allstars will do better that smash bros and that the game is no where near smash bros, in terms of controls and game content.

Now not to single out sony gamers, nintendo gamers believe that this game will be bad and will ultimately fail. (Nintendo first) I understand the dis-belief (rage to some) that sony would make this game out of the blue, not really out of the blue but suddenly; but what nintendo gamers should understand is that, yeah we have to wait for Super smash bros. 4 for Wii U and 3Ds but maybe with this game coming out it’ll give us our fix for free for all madness (unless you just play the previous smash bros until the new ones release). Give it a chance I am and the Playstation allstars beta came out yesterday, it’s your call on whether you want to pursue this game.

I am going to buy it just because of it’s smash bros style, not characters, content, stages involved.. just it’s style. (Now Sony it’s your turn) Now sony gamers the question (I used for the kill in a arguerment) is where was sony in 1999 when Nintendo released Super smash bros. for nintendo 64? Playstation at the time had a lot of characters from it’s brands and franchise’s to compete with smash bros back in the day. If sony gamers can admit or atleast get it through their heads that playstation allstars won’t and probably will not be as good as smash bros. the better and easier it will be on themselves; It’s their pride that makes them refuse that action, they don’t want to be wrong which is acceptable but there’s comes a time when you’re wrong and when you’re just plain stubborn.

Now when it comes to game controls and content smash bros. will always be filled with content for days, weeks, months and even years on end to complete. And their controls are so simple to pick up it get’s every and anyone up and excited to play a round or two Remember the smash bros. lingo (if you don’t already know) the game is simple to pick up and play but difficult to master; playstation allstars can’t compete with that feeling no matter how hard they try. Okay now we been over so pretty good stuff, but there’s one more piece of matter we have to deal with; that kind of got under my skin (I’ll try not to rant, we’ll handle this like good people). Who started it first? Was nintendo the first to do the 4-player, 2D fighter platformer? To me…. yes, yes they did and did it effectively and perfected it. Now some say and bring up old games before consoles were brought into the gaming scene, saying that those games did it first. Now certain youtube videos have games like the “outfoxies” and “yu yu hakusho makyo toitsusen” declaring that these are they first ever.

There lies a problem and some flaws in their theory. The outfoxies,  was an arcade game back in the 90’s developed and published by Namco. Remember Namco is work along side nintendo with the fourth installment of smash bros. Anyways, Some critics say that this game was the inspiration for smash bros. now if it was then kudo’s to them but the gameplay differs from smash bros. in many ways. smash has smash attacks, platforming, items and etc. outfoxies looks more like some shooter with fighting mechanics though its not completely. Games that look more like the outfoxies are Viewtiful joe redhot rumble, Dragonball Z. One piece. Naruto: D.O.N and those digimon whatever games with the health bars.

That’s where smash bros differ smash implemented percent that acts like health but actually isn’t. Now on to yu yu hakusho makyo toitsusen, if anyone is a fan or is familar of naruto Clash of ninja series then this is what yu yu hakusho games are more like. For someone (person will remain name-less) to say that, that game inspired nintendo to create smash bros. is crazy. when characters of smash bros are lined up before fighting and after their entrances they are in a straight line one in front of the other. whereas yu yu hakusho the are line up with two characters on each side of each other and across from each other. like the clash of ninja series (which is quite fun). Now to result with some knowledge from Sakarai. He said in a interview when brawl released what was his inspiration for make Super smash brothers in general. He said that the idea or inspiration came from ping pong, how the characters after a while start to fling around all crazy and silly like made him think of how a ball bounces around when you hit it hard enough. and personally I believe the creator of two of the most iconic things ever, Kirby and Super smash brothers.

My Final Thoughts: like I said above and as you taken the time to read above, I truely and honestly believe that playstation allstars battle royale will be a good game; with so many people, developers and gamers behind this game it will no doubt do well. Now will it do just as good as smash bros. or be better that’s another story for another day. I personally don’t think so (my opinion). I love Nintendo with a passion, and I like sony as well. mircosoft too; but this whole talk of this game and these systems are crazy. I cannot wait for the new Super smash bros. I know they will deliever some great content and who knows, maybe because this playstation allstars nintendo will out do even themselves. Sakarai already said  that this installment of smash bros. will be the most powerful one he ever developed yet. I’m not totally excited for playstation allstars but I’ll say I’m looking forward to it. I hope this has been somewhat informative to you. and to the Nintendo fans I can’t wait for the Wii U, it’s going to be awesome and we have 24 techincally 23 days left. So to all Thank you for reading and please leave all negative comments away.