My Step(s) into the industry of Gaming

What is ideal position after you graduate and where you want to be in five years?

• What are you doing now to assure you get that position?
I am currently studying and practicing my craft in concept art and storyboarding, along with learn more about animation, and modeling. Also I’ve been looking up the industry’s do’s and don’t and everything to know about the gaming industry. Including the latest gaming news and games, hardware, engines, jobs, and etc.

• What kind of experience do people have who work in that position now?
I guess the type of experience people have in this industry would be years of hard work but also (probably) just being at the right place at the right time. Like a “who you know” type of thing.

• What companies hire those positions? Can you find a company that is hiring right now?
I’m not really sure if any company is hiring the position I want (right away), which is to be a concept artist or storyboard artist. Some companies that are hiring are the following: Arkane Studios – Lead Environmental Artist and Lead Animator, International Game technology – Lead Artist, TellTale Games – Lead Environmental Artist, and High Moon Studios – Texture Artist. Just to name a few.

• Where are those positions located geographically?
Most of these positions are located in different states, definitely outside of my own. Arkane is located in Austin texas, International Games Technology is located in Reno, NV, TellTale games is located in San Rafael CA, and High Moon studios is located in Carlsbad CA.

After doing (more) research on my field, I’m still a little unsure about my Ideal position in the gaming industry. I want to do concept art, and after being in school for a while I picked up a thing for storyboarding. So my ideal position is still a mystery to me but after I graduate and where I want to be in five years, Hopefully somewhere where my creativeness is needed and I can bring new perspectives into the industry of gaming and change how new and existing developers feel about creating a game.

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