Groups! Gotta love em’

Last friday groups planned and decided on a game idea. My first impression of my group was this is going to be crazy and maybe a little bad because of all the different style clashing to generate on ideal game. We (surprisingly) came up with a game idea fitting each of our wants. One or two people in the group were pretty dominate but everyone pretty much got their opinions and ideas out. I don’t and didn’t really mind the choice of my group members. My best experience so far.. would be coming up with the story for the concept. My worst experience.. I don’t think I’ve had one yet but what I didn’t like was at times of trying to think of a group name or game idea and everyone is skeptical,it was hard to get everyone to see what you’re talking about when you want to take inspiration from different games without your group thinking the name/game is bad. I feel the most important thing about teamwork is Communication. Being able to let your members know everything is very essential.

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