“My Competition, and how it sets me apart.”

Reflecting on my position in the game industry I feel I have gain a lot (more) knowledge from being at IADT. I always knew about the game industry and some of its customs, that’s one of the reasons why I want to study game design and create games. Although it didn’t start off that way for me. My plan since I was in the fourth grade was to become artist, I love art, I loved to draw and make people feel a certain way about the work I do and have done. So like anyone I practiced and practiced a lot. In this industry I want to be a concept artist/storyboard artist. My skills towards these aspects of art are decent ( I would be a lot more harder on myself but my instructors and others says that I am good) I could be a lot better though. I have a very bad habit that I need to kick before entering the industry of game design which is being “too hard on myself”. I’ve been told that I have very good storyboards and from a very special instructor I’ve been told that my drawings remind him of Picasso and my storyboards of Frank Miller. So I live to believe that my art is getting better. My competition is tough from a stand point of very talented artists male and female alike. Though most of the students from IADT are more interested in the 3D aspect of game design, there are those like myself who are more toward the concept part of the industry and hope to excel at that part. My comparison to my competition would be more of me having more of a passionate thing for my art than them (not saying that they aren’t passionate) but we all know that one person(s) that is good at everything they touch, well it’s like that at IADT for the concept artist. There are some who art is just wonderful and the detail they put into their work is amazing; and then here I am struggling to become half of what they are because I can’t do/express myself half as good as they do (another bad habit, comparing myself to them).
On a technical part if I had to rate it on a scale of 1-10 I am a 5 1/2. I have a basic understanding of everything I need to know about concept art. My competition would be a 7 or and 8 because though they may be in the same boat as me, they have more availability than I do; meaning that they have jobs to go to art related things and money to purchase drawing tablets and etc. (though it is not all of them) . My steps are to stay passionate about what I want to become and how I want others to see me and my art work. I plan to buy a drawing tablet to start working in photoshop and illustrator, but I don’t only plan to do just that I plan to go back and work with paints, pastels and charcoal to better my experience with art as a whole.

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