The Future: Triple A studio or Indie developer?!

We’ve been learning about budging in the game industry as of late and to make games triple A or indie requires money. To talk about my future in the industry is a little on the akward side to me now because I never really knew where I wanted to go in the industry position wise. I just knew that I wanted to do something dealing with art and my hobby of video games (which soon turned into a passion). I grew up with a nintendo 64 in the house hold (which you probably already know where I’m going with this). A dream/plan of mines has always been to work for/with nintendo; they make such beautiful games and has the most loyal and loving community. Their ideal storytelling is built up of metaphors, intrepertation, and imagination; not saying that other companies don’t have this, but that is something I respect and value a lot as a gamer. But over the course of my schooling and learning more about crowdfunding, kickstarters and etc. My dream to work at nintendo has not change but I have opened my options up to starting a indie studio with a few fellow class mates that follow the same passion as I do (though I haven’t found anyone yet, but they’re there). Where I want to be financially in life, the game industry and in the art world is content. I don’t want a lot of money but I want to have enough that I can satisfy my needs and wants when I’m older than I am now. I want to be able to do things for myself, friends, family and strangers. In these worlds I enter I don’t want to be famous… but well known. I want to be the guy/developer/artist that people or fellow artist and/or fellow art enthuses know of and can say “hey that guy name is Stevan Allie right he made such and such or he help create this and that”. So my position in the industry is to be content… Not a lot of money but not to little more neither. I want to make people see things i create from a different aspect from their own, to protect, and help the weak.

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