My thoughts on my last term and my up coming term….. today is thursday!

I know I haven’t posted anything in about a week and a few days maybe more but here I sit and think about what’s going on with my schooling and up-coming term. In my last post I kind of Half a** it a little bit because I didn’t care anymore, I was burned out from the stress of those classes, teachers (or instructors as they like to call themselves). However my true thoughts on my last term (it’s not a rant, really) are that, this last term was kind of rough for me. I enjoy our school’s new chairman which is a woman and I can tell she cares to an extent about the students. But I had already psyche myself out because of my pass failures, it’s not that I failed my classes term before last it just I had no motivation at all. I was down and out because of where I felt the industry was/is head to me in my opinion. I’m a concept artist and I’m taking up an interest in storyboard art, I am not a modeler, texture artist, and etc. but I understand basic concepts to get the job done if needed. And because of these positions that make up the industry I started to feel that I had no place in this field, which in terms cycled into a circle of insecurities and other problems that I’ve struggled with in the past. So this term I was not up to it, even with all the changes good and bad, it felt like I just didn’t want to be there. But I went through this term with the best that I could. The instructors there (some of them) just shouldn’t teach, they know their stuff about the industry and the understandings but I feel like the shouldn’t teach it. I think we’ve all had those teachers where they know their material but don’t know how to teach it, to where everyone can understand it. Now with this new up coming term I am not looking forward to it but I’ve learned or at least tried to learn from my mistake(s). I will take this term with a grain of salt and stay to myself and try my best, which is all I can do in the end. Hopefully these instructors do the same.

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