What to do? Maybe I was wrong (Part I).

So I haven’t posted anything on here in a while, I know some of you that do read (or don’t) maybe have been like “hmmm where is this guy? Why am I following him? etc., etc.” I want to first say sorry for not posting. I’ve been working in my classes trying to pass and get the concepts of learning my instructor(s) teaching styles. (Sigh) This post will be a little different from the others. I’ve been going through a really tough time in my life. Back in July I suffered a really painful lost, that didn’t hit until the last week weeks of my last term. I knew he, who is my uncle, was gone but the reality of it didn’t sink in until about that time. I was extremely depressed, and as you may or may not know (from older posts) I am not the most confident person and a lot of life’s situations tend to cycle into each to me. like an example would be like if I failed a class or do really bad on an assignment, that’ll make me feel terrible because I felt like things got in my way and that I am worth-less. So same thing applies if I was to do bad on another assignment, I’ll treat that as no one likes me (relationship wise, trying to get a date, girl-friend, etc.) because I’m not good at anything. For some strange reason the same doesn’t apply when doing good on an assignment or passing a class with flying colors (I’m weird…). But so this term in my school has been extremely, ultimately, beyond tough for me and it seems like it’s only getting tougher. Now before you say to yourself, “well that’s college, it’s suppose to be tough”. This is a matter of challenge, this is more of a matter of resources, lack of money, time, and anything else you can think of. Like in previous posts I am an artist, I love art and design. but I love games also. but games have gotten in the way of my passion for art, art will always come before games to me. So when I first started attending my school I asked about the school’s art program and classes dealing with it and they told me that they would have the classes I want and needed (very bad mistake on my part, they sucked me in). I’ll continue will part 2 very soon. Thank you for reading have a good day, evening or night.

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